Alkanaany B.V. is a professional cleaning company, which has been in business for over 10 year. Over the years we have built up a large regular customers, for whom we provide products and services on a regular basis. We have a good and helpful team of workers. Many of our workers have experienced our major growth in recent years and have helped us to be even better. Not only by their professionalism, but also by their commitment. Together with our team and loyal customers, we are confident that we will grow even more in the upcoming years.

We are pioneers in cleaning environmentally friendly, therefore:

  • we use highly concentrated ecological and biodegradable cleaning products;
  • we use the right quantity to prevent waste;
  • to reduce waste we use compact re-usable packing and we recycle our delivery boxes;
  • we separate our waste;
  • we avoid spoiling water or energy;
  • we use environment friendly and ecological microfibre cloths.

We are very proud of the certificates in biotechnology that we have recently obtained. We can serve you with individual advice and give you a five to twenty years guarantee thanks to this innovative procedure. We use amongst others Bio DreamCleaner, Nano Bio Universele cleaner, Bio Coat Solar, and a wide range of Bio/Nano Coatings. These can be applied on all sorts of material, for example wood, stone, ceramics, marble, stone, glass, synthetic material, metal, stainless steel etcetera.

We can clean the following objects for you:

  • car
  • boat
  • caravan
  • sun blind
  • roll-down shutter
  • solar panel
  • gutter
  • housefront
  • garage door
  • sculptures
  • kitchen
  • sanitary
  • valuable floor covering (marble, stone, wooden etc.)
  • stainless steel
  • garden furniture

Dirt, oil, alga, bird droppings, scale etc. won’t get a chance after your surface has been cleaned by our products. When appropriate we make the material water-repellent.

You can obtain all cleaning products and micro fibre cloths/cleaning gloves etc., directly from us. We are happy to help you.